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The Birth Of Christianity And Other Facts About The Religion

Christianity is now the world’s major religion, with over 2.1 billion followers. The faith in Christianity began at the city of Jerusalem in the Roman province of Judea, which is now the modern Israel. Most of the people who lived in Jerusalem during the rule of Caesar Augustus were Jews, which was uncommon because, at that time, most Romans were polytheists. Polytheists are people who believe in many gods.

The Romans permitted the Jews to follow their faith. They also did not impose the worship of Roman gods. Around 30 A.D, a man named Jesus started to induce a following in Jerusalem. The followers of Jesus believed that Jesus was the Son of the God. They also believed that Jesus was capable of performing miracles. The followers of Jesus tempered the Roman authorities because they refused to follow either Roman or Jewish laws. The government arrested and punished Jesus by nailing him to a cross. The execution is known as “crucifixion.” Three days after the death of Jesus, his followers believed they saw him rising from the dead.

Jesus was called by his followers as “Christ.”The Greek word Christ means the chosen one, as his followers believed he was the chosen messenger of God. The followers of Jesus were known as Christians. Christianity taught the people that their sins will be forgiven if they convert to Christianity.

Many followers conveyed the message of Jesus all over the Roman Empire.  One of the most successful followers was a Greek Jew named Saul of Tarsus, known to followers of Christianity as Saint Paul. Initially, Paul helped to torture Christians, until he had a vision in which Jesus spoke to him. After this incident, Paul got converted and spent the rest of his life serving Christianity until he was martyred.

The Holy Bible

Christians believe that Jesus will come back to earth one day. After 50 years of the crucifixion of Jesus, Christians compiled the stories of the life and divinity of Jesus into four books, which are known as Gospels. The Bible is the holy book of Christians. It is made up of two testaments, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament was written even before the time of Jesus, which consists of religious writings of the Jews. The New Testament consists of the Gospels and letters of Saint Paul. The book has been translated into 1,500 languages.


The Roman Emperor Constantine ended the persecution of Christians in 306 A.D. Christianity was made legal after four years. Constantine continued to worship Roman gods while he also supported Christianity. After fifty years of the Emperor’s death, Christianity was made the official religion of the Rome.

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