What is Shutterstock?

Shutterstock is a global supplier of high-quality licensed images, videos and music.

Shutterstock helps inspired graphic designers, creative directors, video editors, filmmakers, web developers and other creative professionals by providing diverse content to businesses, marketing agencies and media companies worldwide.

Content creators share their work with Shutterstock, enabling end users to buy and use it in a variety of creative personal and professional projects. This is a two-way market that enhances the capabilities of storytellers around the world.

What is Shutterstock Premium?

The Shutterstock Premium license is a high-performance license provided by Shutterstock. It is designed for enterprise customers and can be customized to meet your business’s advanced licensing needs.

Advantages of the Professional license:

  • Right to use in sensitive areas
  • Unlimited refund
  • Transferability of third party rights
  • For products (for commercial use) and models
  • High-resolution watermarkless model

The Shutterstock Premium license also gives users access to many benefits of the Premier platform:

  • Access an unlimited number of users
  • Batch download
  • Asset sharing across the organization
  • Region- and language-specific account managers
  • Custom billing
  • In-use bills or bulk purchases
  • Premier Featured Content
  • API access


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