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Files Hosting Sites

What are File hosting sites?

File hosting sites are services that allow users to host files on their servers. Some hosts are offering all types of files, while others are categorized based on the file types they support: video, photos or others.

Many websites have followed YouTube’s launch since 2005. YouTube is a U.S. website that has hosted and streamed videos since 2005. The popularity of these sites continues to grow.

What about Video hosting?

Video hosting sites allow videos to be hosted and streamed to their servers. There are many websites that provide this service, such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Wat TV (closed in 2016), DreamVids (closed in 2016), Hulu or Rutube, etc.

The feature film “Révolta, Kilomètre Zéro” by Jean-Michel Ben Soussan was legally released on DailyMotion in March 2008 The first movie. In June 2009, Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s documentary “Home” was broadcast on YouTube.

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3D object hosting websites

In computing, 3D object hosting is a form of Internet hosting that provides Internet users with the ability to distribute 3D files to the Web, which is usually imported into 3D software.

The hosting is a free or non-free access to a 3D model database that allows users / communities to store and download data.

Each software company offers free or paid 3D objects in its format or several textured 3D formats.

One-click file hosting

One-click hosting programs allow users to upload any type of file. The file can then be used by any Internet user.

Such sites usually offer a free version and are limited to sending files of a certain size. The limit can also be the number of simultaneous downloads, or the number of daily downloads. Usually, in order to initiate a download, it is often necessary to type the code in the form of a verification code. It usually takes a few seconds or even minutes before the download begins. All these restrictions can be circumvented by the advanced link generator.

Paid versions usually allow more files to be downloaded at the same time to eliminate file weight restrictions, avoid typing verification codes, avoid waiting or daily download restrictions.

In this sense, the most widely used service must be WeTransfer.

Private file hosting service

Dedicated file hosting can make hosted files inaccessible to all Internet users. This type of hosting is mainly used to share files between acquaintances or in a professional environment. It usually requires a dedicated password.

File hosting sites: