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The Church With Your Family At Heart

For the Glory of God, and the Joy of His People

Our Memories

Our church is rich in history and we are proud of our heritage. We began in 1964 where the Mechanicsville Post Office now stands. Our name was chosen because we are built on a historic site.

Our Mission

We are an independent Baptist church, our desire is to preach and teach God’s word as it is to people as they are; both here and around the world. Landmark Baptist supports over 130 missions works globally.

Our Members

In reality a church is not bricks and mortar, neither is it carpet and pews, we do have all these things but if they were gone today the church would still exist because the church is the people.

Baptist Church
Social Institutions
About Us

In our church, every service is designed with your family in mind. You will find that our Nurseries are clean and well staffed with caring workers and only feet away from our auditorium.  Our Sunday school classes are tailored to meet the need of every family member regardless of his or her age. Our teachers are compassionate and ready to teach life

Our teachers are compassionate and ready to teach life to change lessons from God’s word. Our pastors preach and teach timely messages from God’s word as it is to people as they are. We believe that the primary ministry of the church is to preach and teach God’s unchanging word to a changing world.

The mission of our church is not to be a social institution but a spiritual lighthouse of God’s amazing grace. Therefore, we count it a great joy to follow the Biblical mandate that our Savior has left for us. We also provide removals to Portugal service by Hunts International Removals.

Keep in Touch

Our hearts would be thrilled if you and your family would come be a part of our services. You will find a warm friendly church family awaiting you at the door. Come be a part of the church that is making a world of difference one life at a time.



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